Why I am Against the Big Chop #bc #bigchop

Why I am Against the Big Chop #bc #bigchop


I am not new to the “natural hair movement”. I wrote about my decision to go natural awhile ago  however I was asked how I felt about the “Big Chop”. This was my response:

I am against the “BC” for a number of reasons.

  1. Trust. The first reason is I simply do not trust myself or others with scissors. I have experienced issues with hair dresser who simply did not understand my texture of hair or wanted me to relax my hair simply so I would have to keep coming back to them. I only trust two hair dressers and one of which REFUSES to cut my hair. All the other hair dressers I have been to had to sneak off and get advice as to how to do my type of hair. After they called themselves “cliping my ends”, I left out with slip ends due to them using too much heat on my hair.
  2. Image. The second reason is our image or self esteem.  I hate putting it this way but often times we are judged by the length of our hair by ourselves and others. It can be discouraging to hear how you look like a boy, how you look sick, how you changed your appearance too drastically, or my favorite..you can’t grow hair. Now, I am not saying everyone falls to the pressure if what others think of you, but I will admit that hair is a very personal subject for women.
  3. Motivation. The third reason is more of a reflective nature. I am the type of person who needs to compare where they were to where they are. Seeing new growth that is unpermed next to my old habits will not only assure me my hair is growin, it will also show me the difference in textures (which a lot of women forget and fall back into what they call the “creamy crack” lifestyle).
  4. Unnecessary. The big reason I am against it is because..well..for what?!?! I mean, it isn’t like your hair isn’t going to grow without the BC (unless it simply is that damaged, and if that is the case none of these reasons apply). When I did grow out my relaxer, I did not do the bc. I did get braids for awhile and kept my hair in buns. I trimmed my hair the normal suggested times to cut off the relaxed hair, but keeping the relaxed hair prevented my natural hair from splitting.

I know people will disagree with my reasons, it is fine. I am speaking from the POV of someone who only had a relaxer in their hair once in their lifetime. What worked for me may not work for others. Just do what is good for you.

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