My Goodbye to CurlBox

I recently made the decision to let Curlbox go. 

No, this isn’t a scathing review, I actually loved the service.

I simply became overwhelmed with the amount of products I have from them…

I will return once I have caught up to using the products I already have through that service. I am not a heavy handed natural nor do I have the time to dedicate to hours of “installing” styles. I have two demanding jobs (mom and…well that part is a secret), as well as ventures outside of those two listed which need my attention (including this site).

I will encourage others to subscribe when people ask about the service though, the positive messages that come along with the service is equally as valuable as the products distributed. If you pass up the chance to subscribe you are neglecting not only your hair, but your soul.


flashback from. November 16, 2014